The Business

Genre: Comedy / Crime / Drama / Thriller
Year: 2005
Tagline: This firm will blow you away

download movie: aXXo

IMDb: 6.5/(2,721 votes)


Growing up on council estates in London in the late 70s, Frankie (Danny Dyer) dreams of leaving behind his abusive step-father and the general drudgery of his existence to 'be somebody.' A close relation asks him to be a delivery boy to the Costa del Crime to a night-club owner named Charlie (Tamer Hassan.) Charlie's a cool guy to get in with, and he sees potential in Framkie, a potential that sees them fly high through-out the 80s reeling in the profits from the drugs trade. But, the higher they climb, the harder, they find, they will fall, as rival competitors, Charlie's psychotic former associate and a stunning brunette all throw their own little spanner into the works of their plans.

Football Factory director Nick Love brings a lot of the stars of his previous film (such as Roland Manookian, the one who played Zeberdee) to The Business, his latest project (Dyer even narrates the story with voice-overs just like in TFF!) The only one who appears to be missing is Frank Harper who played Billy Bright (too bad!) And none of them, impressive as the film can be, could be accused of stretching themselves.

The film is just, I don't know, too much like a lot of the other British films we've been seeing lately. It's good that more and more recognition is getting heaped on the British Film Industry, but making the same type of film over and over again isn't making us look too creative with our money.

Love is a fairly new director, but he seems, at a guess, to be modeling himself on his predecessor Guy Ritchie a little too much and I get the impression films like this are going to become his trade mark through-out his career. Dyer and Hassan portray the usual arrogant, foul-mouthed, aggressively spoken cockneys we're used to seeing them play. From looking at interviews with them and seeing the type of roles they're fond of playing, I'm starting to think this is how they'd come across if I were to meet them in real life-I really hope they would not! The supporting cast keep the boat on the Costa floating, but they're really no more than the usual types for this kind of thing.

The film is engagingly told and has a fantastic 80s soundtrack hollering to it's beat, but to be honest, I'm just getting a little bored of seeing this kind of film and I really hope the BFI can start using a bit more imaginatio

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