Memoirs of Geisha

Genre: Romance
Year: 2005

download movie: aXXo

IMDb: 7.0/(22,547 votes)

Rottentomatoes: 5.4

This film is very faithful to Golden's book. Marshall allows Golden's appreciation of the beauty and artistry of the Geisha culture to wash over the viewer like soft rain. You will be moved, you will be visually stimulated and you will marvel at the talents of these stupendous performances by actors known to hundreds of millions of people - they just don't happen to be known to most westerners. You will feel a longing to see cherry blossoms, to drink sake and to visit the old traditional areas of Japan like Hida-Takayama and the Japan sea coast. This film should do a lot to promote both Japan and Asian film in general. The stand-out performances are Gong Li as the femme fatale Hatsumomo, Ken Watanabe as The stoic-and-so-Japanese Chairman and Yakusho Koji for his measured performance as Nobu-san. I loved Ziyi Zhang but thought that both Golden in the novel and Marshall in the film got the eye colour all wrong. It was a little distracting due to the fact that it looked so odd - I never really reconciled the gray eye thing in the book though so it could be my problem! Regardless, a beautiful film. Standout scene is Sayuri's dance in a stylised Kabuki delivery that brought back memories of the Kabuki-Za Theatre in Tokyo.There is great attention to detail and authenticity in sensorially rich locations, lush kimono silks and smooth wrists of the young maiko! There is almost a tactile quality to this film. Bathe yourself in its beauty.

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