The Wild 2006 DVDRip

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Genre: Animation / Adventure / Comedy / Family

Tagline: Hitting the streets 2006

IMDb: 5.4/ ( 9,238 votes)
Rottentomatoes: 4.5

The film centers on a young lion named Ryan (Greg Cipes). He thinks he can get his roar from the zoo, but in the wild. He thinks he can go to wild to get it, because his dad told him false stories about him challenging wildebeests in the wild. He knows he can get to the wild by going to the "green boxes." After ruining the turtle curling game (which was a very great innovation), Ryan runs away and finds out that the green boxes are loaded onto a semi-truck and taken to the docks.

His dad, Samson (Kiefer Sutherland), goes to search for him. His friends, Bridget (a giraffe played by Jenane Garofolo), Benny (a squirrel played by Jim Belushi), Larry (an anaconda played by Richard Kind), and Nigel (a flat-out funny koala played by Eddie Izzard), want to help Samson. But Samson goes alone and stows away onto a garbage truck, but then his friends arrive, so they must put aside their differences and rescue Ryan.

I will reveal no more, but the film has the best CG animation I have ever seen (along with he forthcoming Cars which I really want to see). It is a unique photo-real style. The way they did the zoo was excellent (and definitely better than it is on Madagascar), and New York City, and the jungles. This film also scales down to every little particle and detail. The animation is a shocker.

This film is just a really, really great movie that you should see. No, it is not another Madagascar, remember, Madagascar's the rushed copy, but that movie is still good, but The Wild is just as good, and the film was really funny, especially Nigel's gags. This is must-see title to look at and get/rent on DVD.

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