Genre: Drama / Comedy / Fantasy
Year: 2006
Tagline: What If You Had A Universal Remote... That Controlled Your Universe?

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IMDb: 6.8/(35,433 votes)

Rottentomatoes: 4.8


Michael is an architect who works way too hard and can't seem to find time for his family. With too many remotes around the house he decides to pick up a universal remote to try and make his life a little easier. This is where he meets Morty, who works in the way beyond department. He gives Michael a remote that is "beyond" it's time from a technical stand-point. Michael soon finds out that not only can it control the television, but the universe around him.

Frank Coraci and Adam Sandler have worked together before; the results being The Waterboy and The Wedding Singer. Both films were quite funny and let Sandler do his usual yelling at everyone routine. Now they have hooked up for a third time and the result is "Click", a not so overly funny film that tried to jump emotional gears left, right, and centre.

It takes a special guy to save a film like this, and luckily for the filmmakers Walken is that man. Christopher Walken steals the show as Morty, the guy who gives Sandler the remote. In every scene that he's in, he has this comedic tone to him that just gets to you, and you can't explain it. As for Kate Beckinsale, sure she is hot and sure she can play the wife role, but did she really do that much? Nope, instead she decides to run off with Sean Astin...speaking of which, is he going to be the next Adam Sandler Cameo Buddy?

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