White Noise 2: The Light

Genre: Horror / Thriller
Year: 2007
Tagline: Sometimes they don't come back alone.

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IMDb: 6.1/(2,011 votes)


Abe Dale has a good job and a loving family until one day his family is murdered in front of his eyes and in broad daylight by a name man named Henry Caine who then kill himself. Haunted by guilt for not being able to save his family. Abe attempts suicide and nearly suceeds but he resists being drawn to a 'bright white light' before dying and survives. But shortly afterwards he starts noticing white glows around people and learns these glows mean, these people are about to die unless he saves them.

Abe uses his new gift to it's full advantage and save many lives but he then learns that 'if you save a life, you are responsible for it' and as he goes digging deeper into the motives behind his family's killing and the new extent of his newfound powers.

It takes him on a terrifying and apocalyptic journey into hell from which there will be no escape.

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