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Genre: Drama
Year: 2007
Tagline: Her greatest secret was her greatest gift.

IMDb: 7.2/(1,243 votes)

Rottentomatoes: 5



Slowly, a dying woman's long and rich life reveals itself to the attentive viewers. We gradually get acquainted with her initial hopes, her fears, her dreams and future questions about life. Some of them got answered by the developing events, some of them remained apparently unanswered - till an old time friend appears and casually makes some remarks, but in the end - a wise glimpse through life is provided to the sensible and intrigued eye. An enriching movie experience, a truly gift for every son and daughter missing a beloved departed parent or not quite sure how to maintain a problematic yet meaningful relationship with an elder one, and (even more important) a sensitive, charming and wise movie which may provide answers to an eternal quest - how to choose, and not regret it. I am so glad I could watch it and fully enjoy its meanings, its scenes and message. I truly believe it helps getting a present - and future - closure, both with your own life and destiny, and with your beloved ones. To me, it's a piece de resistance.


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