Reign Over Me

Genre: Drama / Comedy
Year: 2007
Tagline: Let in the unexpected.

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IMDb: 8.0/(10,846 votes)

Rottentomatoes: 6.3


Alan Johnson works as a successful dentist. A daily sees he in the roads a man on a scooter, which he believes to recognize as its former study friend Charlie Fineman. He knows from him that its wife and the three daughters died with the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001. It lasts however still some time, until Alan can manufacture the contact to Charlie. First he has to do it however still with the importunate female patient Donna Remar. In its marriage Johnson feels likewise already for some time restricted.

At same time finds to all Johnson also an entrance to Charlie Fineman. First it seems to want itself to back-remind only against-willingly of its common study time. Johnson bears the small Macken of Charlie however with an angel patience. Is it now the fact that it often runs with head hearing on the ears by the area or also times loud losses has if it something does not fit. The two always approach themselves nevertheless. Johnsons wife however beäugt this behavior of their man with increasing suspicions. Ever more frequently Alan comes also at night not home and spends this dearer with Charlie with the video game or in a Punkrock bar. Charlie becomes acquainted with a daily also the female patient Remar and seems from it to to be completely fascinated. Johnson has a further discussion and it with it pulls from this its complaint back.

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