Catch A Fire

Genre: Drama / History / Thriller
Year: 2006
Tagline: It takes one spark for an ordinary man to become a hero

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IMDb: 6.8/(2,863 votes)

Rottentomatoes: 6.7

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Patrick Chamusso is a worker in a South African refinery. As all other black ones also he suffers from discriminations those the apartheid regime with itself brought. As the refinery a goal of a notice becomes turns out for Patrick Chamusso in the visor of the security agency, under the direction of NIC Vos, which suspects it as terrorists. It must let a brutal torture over itself be issued, sees like his best friend and colleague by the anti- terrorist Squad is killed and finds finally in a cell Precious Chamusso, its wife, who was tortured likewise. He is accused, acquitted shortly thereafter however, since it turns out that Patrick is innocent.

After it experienced now the brutal machinations and discriminations at the own body, it can lock not longer the eyes and decides against the apartheid regime to proceed. It becomes national the member of the African Congress and turns to the terrorism: According to training in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, together with many other freiwilligen freedom fighters he plans a renewed notice on the refinery. But of the moment to there it the border to South Africa again exceeds it by NIC Vos and its people is pursued. It begins to decide a race to the refinery that the anti- terrorist Squad for itself can. However Patrick does not slam shut, where they assumed it and in such a way to be able them first of two planned breakups not to prevent....

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