Haven 2004 dvdrip

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Genre: Crime / Drama
Tagline: Can love survive the fall of paradise?
IMDb: 5.8/ (1,940 votes)
Rottentomatoes: 3.9

The big crime idea is placed in the hands of Bill Paxton who with his daughter (Agnes Bruckner of DREAMLAND) takes his 'off shore money' from Miami to Grand Cayman island under the tutelage of smarmy lawyer Stephen Dillane. An island character (Victor Rasuk - a very promising young find from RAISING VICTOR VARGAS, LORDS OF DOGTOWN) begins to put the play on Bruckner, a factor that involves him as an islander in the big crime syndicate from the US. Bump.

Next story involves Orlando Bloom as a listless wanderer in love with an island beauty (Zoe Saldana) whose family objects to the liaison. The brother (Anthony Mackie - who continues to find depth in roles in films like BROTHER TO BROTHER, HALF NELSON, THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE etc) rages after Bloom, scarring him for life. The interplay within each story is well enough focused but the apparent compare-and-contrast motive of weaving these two disparate yet core-similar stories together is a problem for Flowers.

The cast is a mixed bag, with some superb actors along side some wannabes. And oddly the top actors (such as Bobby Cannavale) are placed in less important roles than some of the lesser experienced ones. The film is pretty to look at, has its moments, and shows promise, but it is not one to place on the 'must see' list. Grady Harp

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