Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror

Genre: Comedy / Drama / Horror
Year: 2006
Tagline: It AIN'T all good in da hood

download movie: aXXo

IMDb: 4.4/(436 votes)

Rottentomatoes: 3.2


The introductory animation which provides the background behind the "Hood of Horror" was so beautifully done with an original anime meets the streets style. Quite impressive. Snoop, playing a smooth talking crypt-keeper with vomiting demon midget and vamp hookers en tow, provides a basis that holds 3 short stories together. The first segment of the film involves gangbangers and a cryptic old hag who places the power of death upon a young tagstress. This section involves a kill that is one of the most phenomenally comical deaths that I have seen in a while. Who knew impalement by a 40 of malt could be so spectacular? The choice chapter in this film has to be the second and it has much to do with the performance of Anson Mount. Mount plays a perverted, sloppy rich son of a dead man who bombards a trio of old men to claim his daddy's house as his own. In the end this guy has to face off Lando Calrissian and Winston from Ghostbusters...which is a match-up not to be missed. The third segment of the movie involves a rap star who is making it big when a zombie from his past comes back to haunt him. Jason Alexander has a little cameo here and simply proves that he cannot pull off being British...but I blame Seinfeld for turning him into a typecast.

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