Wild Seven 2006 dvdrip

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Genre: Wild Seven
Tagline: Crime / Drama
IMDb: 5.9/(2,052 votes)

A guy gets out of prison and damages a few friends and family's lives by trying to hatch a bank robbery/revenge plot against an old nemesis. Bad editing, poor acting and stale plot ensue- with no women to see either.

Instead of this trash go see Killing Zoe, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Employee of the Month, True Romance.

This is very much like watching a student film in several parts, with very poor and unbelievable scenes throughout. The Tarantino associations people make about this film are only in the context that this imbecile director tries and fails miserably to be in this genre.

There are no women in this film- which makes it a tedious eye sore as well. The plot is simple, the execution mainly linear, the acting is from sub-par to painfully pathetic.

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