Dynamite Warrior

Genre: Action / Comedy
Year: 2006

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IMDb: 5.0/(345 votes)

Rottentomatoes: 6.4

The story is set in 1890s Siam.[1] Jone Bang Fai (the Fireball Bandit) is a young Muay Thai warrior and rocketry expert who steals back water buffalo taken from poor Isan farmers by unscrupulous cattle raiders. He is also searching for a man with a tattoo who killed his parents.

Meanwhile, a local nobleman, Lord Waeng, wants to create a market for the steam tractors he's selling. So he hires a hulking convict, "The Thief", to kill all the cattle traders and round up all the water buffalo for slaughter, depriving farmers of the draft animals they need to cultivate rice. Lord Waeng's men are eventually pitted against Nai Hoi Sing, a cattle trader with supernatural martial arts powers and a tattoo on his chest. The tattoo gets Jone Bang Fai's attention, and while the Thief is trying to steal Sing's cattle herd, Jone Bang Fai tries to attack Sing, but is repelled.

Lord Waeng then enlists Jone Bang Fai in a scheme to defeat Sing. To do so, they also need the help of the Black Wizard, who was once cursed by Sing so that he cannot withstand sunlight. The Black Wizard says the only way to defeat Sing and reverse his spells is to use the menstrual blood of a virgin – the Black Wizard's daughter, E'Sao.

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