Evan Almighty 2007 DVDRip

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Genre: History / Comedy
Tagline: A comedy of biblical proportions
IMDb: 5.7/(13,141 votes)
Rottentomatoes: 4.5

Evan Baxter is a presenter of the news that she wants to be congressman, under the motto of “We change the world”; he is successful, he has a wife and three children. Suddenly he receives a strange package with wood, when God appears and it explains to him that it must construct a coffer; at first it thinks that one is a joke, but when noticing itself that the animals follow it begins to suspect, and soon account occurs that everything goes very in serious.

Then it begins to change, its beard grows (although the cut), it must dress in old suits, and their family, when thinking that this crazy person to do what does, leaves it. Soon the reporters begin to speak of him, calling it “Noah of”. Lamentably, its strange aspect in its life of congressman does not go very well.

When its family this in a restaurant, and her woman speaks with God (this like a mesero), that says perhaps to him that the history of Noah did not represent the rage of God, if not a way to believe the one in the other, that for that reason the animals aparecian in pairs, and it says to him that serious a good opportunity to be together, reason why decides to return with him.

When arriving outpost has the coffer already very, and her family begins to help it, but she receives the bad news to the knowledge that the government prohibits to have something so great in a property. Finished the coffer, the day of the flood arrives, and it says to them to all which enter, but all being laughs of him, soon begins to rain, but single it rains a little while and soon he stops,...

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