Transformers 2007 DVDRip

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Genre: Sci-Fi / Action
Tagline: Protect

IMDb: 7.8/ (82,837 votes)
Rottentomatoes: 5.8
more about the movie: official web

On the planet Cybertron live two disliked groupings of super+intelligent robots, the Autobots and the Decepticons, which possess the ability to transform among other things into vehicles and airplanes. Once the brothers governed Optimus Prime and Megatron together over the planets. But the hinterhältige Megatron and its Decepticons plotted a civil war, in order to attain more power. Around Megatron from it to prevent an artifact, which gave once on Cybertron the life to the machines, in the universe shot − the all park.

Later an arctic expedition under the guidance of the Captain Archibald Witwicky discovers thousands of years the liveless, frozen body of Megatron, which break-landed on the search for the all park on earth. This engraves the coordinates to the discovery site all park on the eyeglasses of Captain of the Witwicky. The Decepticons under the guidance of Starscream looks for Megatron on earth for its leader, in order to find the all park. With it they want to compose a new army of the terrestrial machines.

At the beginning an attack of the Decepticons Blackout and Scorponok on a US troop in Qatar is to be seen, in order to come to military secret information. With this attack nearly all soldiers come around the life, apart from some few, under it Cpt. William Lennox and TSgt. Robert Epps.

SAM, Captain Witwickys great-grandchild, would like a car for its good notes, but its father wants to only buy an older Camaro for 4000 US Dollar to his son. With it SAM wants to also try its flame Mikaela to impress. The young SAM is not astonished badly, when its old Camaro transforms into an enormous combat robot. These look for for the old eyeglasses of Captain Witwicky, since on it the coordinates of the place of residence all park are engraved, and which at present in the possession of SAM is. Also the Decepticons is on the search for it.

The secret organization „second gate Seven “became attentive on the presence of the Transformers and tried to win the highly developed technology for itself. They keep Megatron imprisoned frozen in a secret base, where also the all park is. There they bring finally also to SAM, Mikaela, that by them first caught taken - however then again released - Bumblebee, as well as the Computerspezialistin Maggie Madsen, that with it got used to Glen Whitman and the Secretary of Defense John cellar. While the Autobots arranges itself with SAM Witwicky, Mikaela and the US army (with Lennox and Epps) groups, the Decepticons a massacre, besides they succeed its leader Megatron to release. In Los Angeles it finally comes to the crucial argument between the leaders Megatron and Optimus Prime.

Boeing 747 Transformer


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