Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 2007

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IMDb: 7.6/ (49,748 votes)
Rottentomatoes: 6.9

Genre: Adventure / Fantasy
Tagline: The Rebellion Begins

Harry Potter discovers that a good part of the community of the wizards pretends to be unaware of his recent confrontation with Lord Voldemort, and prefers to deny this plugging obviousness: the Lord of Darkness is indeed alive…

Moreover the magic community, reads the lies of Rita Skeeter in the Gazette of the Wizard under control of the Ministry for the Magic. The articles which appear in the Gazette affirm that Dumbledore became a senile old man and Harry, one illuminated which seeks to draw the attention to him by telling cock-and-bull stories.

Fearing that powerful Albus Dumbledore does not lie concerning the return of Voldemort with an aim of sapping its authority and of charming its station to him, the Minister for the Magic Cornélius Fudge names new Professor de Défense against the Forces of the Evil, that it charges with supervising the old senior and his students. But this one, Dolores Shade, appear unable to prepare the schoolboys to face the new threats which plane on Poudlard. At the pressing request of his friends Ron and Hermione, Harry thus decides to take the things in hand. He gathers in secrecy a small group of courageous students, which baptizes “the Army of Dumbledore”, to help them to deny themselves against the Forces the Evil and to involve them for the large war which prepares.

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