You Kill Me 2007 DVDrip

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Tagline: Love is always worth another shot
Genre: Comedy / Crime / Thriller
IMDb: 7.3/(1,031 votes)
Rottentomatoes: 6.7

Frank Falenczyk (Ben Kingsley) loves his job. He just happens to be the hit-man for his Polish mob family in Buffalo, New York. But Frank's got a drinking problem and when he messes up a critical assignment that puts the family business in peril, his uncle (Philip Baker Hall) sends him to San Fransisco to clean up his act. Played with gruff charm by Kingsley, Frank is not a touchy feely kind of guy. But he strats going to AA meetings, get a sponsor (played by Luke Wilson) and a job at a mortuary where he falls for the tart-tounged laurel (Tea Leoni), a woman who is dangerously devoid of boundaries. Meanwhile, things arent's going well in Buffalo where an upstart Irish gang is threatening the family business. When violence erupts, Frank is forced to return home and with an unlikely assist from Laurel, faces old rivals on new terms.

Stylishly directed by John Dahl(Rounders, The Last Seduction), You Kill Me is the story of what happens when two mismatched people find a common calling.

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