Harsh Times 2006 dvdrip

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Genre: Crime / Drama
IMDb: 7.1/ (10,344 votes)
Rottentomatoes: 5.5


Harsh Times had the potential, but delivered a punch that was not as harsh or compelling as it could've been.

The underlying themes in this film were definitely worth the watch and the film portrayed the "sickness" of war so vividly and strongly, yet not enough of the theme was ever brought up to make it seem realistic and harrowing for our present war crisis to take much notice of. I know that this was not at all intended to be a political film but a message of this status must be pushed to the ultimate if it is meant to drive the entire plot. Because of this, the plot also took a major beating but did share it's moments with the dozing audience, although once it was over the snores would commence once again.

Another fault was Christian Bale's surprisingly bitter acting, which was not at all convincing enough to hold a lead role and abut 10 minutes into the movie i realized Bale was only repeating his lines rather than acting them. The annoying dialogue shared between Bale and his stoner buddies was not at all amusing or convincing, as the writer pushed the homey terms WAY too much for a realistic view on today's Los Angeles and Mexican downtown-ers. Eva Longoria shared some powerful moments, but only with that of the amazing Freddy Rodriguez. Otherwise she kept it on the shallow end of her TV-style acting.

Now that the bitching is over, I can now tell you that Freddy Rodriguez, a certain newcomer to any large supporting role, shined with dark traumatic and realistic talent in his role. He definitely tried his hardest to keep the plot and climax from falling, and managed to to do so with near-success. Creating one of the only touching moments in the movie, he tried his best to communicate with Bale on the theme of brotherhood and deception and I think he deserves a round of applause. The settings also were extremely well-done, but the director's laziness was seen in many points of the movie (striking differences between the Los Angeles and Mexican backgrounds?). I can honestly say however, that the subplots used in the film were well done and did keep me and any remaining ticket-buyer left in the film.

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