Genre: Comedy / Fantasy / Mystery
Year: 2006
Tagline: The perfect man. The perfect story. The perfect murder.

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IMDb: 6.9/(13,258 votes)

Rottentomatoes: 5.3

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It's a typical American movie, full of magic, humor, moving relationship, love, (may be not, just a infatuation), beautiful girl, handsome men and a series of murder case. Don't be cheated by the title, it didn't tell us how to get the scoop, it's about a college student and a magician solving a criminal case. Just like a mystery movie. These detail make me recall Agatha Christie, you know, a famous writer and another my favorite.

It's a good entertainment movie, but I think there is something not perfect. The lord son murder the whore after his secretary died, so that means the woman have no proof that he kill someone, because he didn't kill. I think that is a little bit puzzling.

About the ending, I can't understand even more. Why the lovely American old man should die. In the whole movie, he gives laugh and us happy. I don't think he should die at the end. Who care? It's a good film, not just it is another kind of mystery movie, it combine humor and magic together. After watching it, I have the bravery to face my problem. That's it. This is the scoop!

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