Big Nothing 2006 dvdrip

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Genre: Comedy / Crime / Thriller
Tagline: A comedy that gets away with murder.
IMDb: 6.8/(3,781 votes)
Rottentomatoes: 6.3
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In former times as a active teacher Charlie lives in a town in Oregon. It is married with the female Sheriff of the city and has a daughter. Charlie would like to become writers. He finds a new work in a call center. Charlie will already dismiss on the first working day.

The Kleinganove Gus turns to Charlie with the suggestion to extort Reverend Smalls on forbidden pornographischen web pages surft. Charlie consents. As the further Komplizin the Josie McBroom gotten used to with Gus pushes in addition, which is to call the clergyman. It demands instead of the agreed upon 100 Tsd. Dollar - 200 Tsd. Dollar. Reverend Smalls is ready to pay. Gus and Charlie find - as they think - the Reverend Smalls in its house dead forwards. They eliminate the corpse, them into a container throw and find in the house DVDs, which shows the murders committed by Reverend Smalls.

It turns out that Reverend Smalls was killed by its wife. Mrs. Smalls kills the Hilfssheriff, which visits its house, after he finds the corpse of the clergyman on a road. The corpse eliminated by Gus and Charlie was that one of the lover of the woman, who wanted the two million dollar accumulated by the Reverend to take over. Mrs. Smalls wants to likewise kill the blackmailers, however by McBroom with an axe is killed.

The three accomplices carry the millions forward of the Reverends. They load their car with the corpses, determine however with reaching a small forest that the corpses are fallen of the car somewhere on the way. They are stopped by the order forces. The allegedly blind man of the gas station emerges as covers operating investigator, The Eye, which looks for the series murderer active in the area. The Trio is released....

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